Organic Strategies – Live @Red Gate (2016)

Inspired by Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, generative constraints guide the free improvisation. Organic Strategies create noisy wonder generated by whatever Eno strategy appears on a screen. The strategies change at different intervals directing the music in unexpected ways. Performers are challenged by 463 constraints that may appear.

00:00 – Is it finished?
00:22 – Lost in useless territory
01:30 – What is the reality of the situation?
02:40 – Ask your body
03:08 – Take away the important parts
03:53 – Trust in the you now
05:13 – You don’t have to ashamed of using your own ideas
07:30 – Make an exhaustive list of everything you might do and do the last thing on the list
09:58 – Make what’s perfect more human
12:00 – Is it finished?
12:58 – Discover the recipes your are using and abandon them
14:11 – Cluster analysis
released August 15, 2016
Performed at the Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver BC, April 7th 2016
Performed by:

Kıvanç Tatar –  trumpet & electronics

Mixed and Mastered by Kıvanç Tatar

Cover artwork by Erman Akçay –

In part of Constrained Creations Collective