Pulse.Breath.Water (2016) @NY,USA + Mutek_IMG, Montreal,Canada


Pulse.Breath.Water is an interactive art piece that connects a user and a virtual environment using the Oculus Rift and a respiration sensor. The user’s breathing is the main component that allows playful participation and interaction with the environment. The system follows breathing patterns of the user who is wearing the respiration sensor. “The system” refers to a behind-the-scene set of software with generative audio and the virtual environment. The user is encouraged to stay in the Virtual Reality as long as they want. The virtual environment depicts the element of water as an ocean that the user is immersed in. The frequency of the user’s breathing provokes and challenges an interaction between the user and the system.




Presented in:

  • MUTEK_IMG – November 2016 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Scores+Traces – March 2016 – New York, NY, USAScoresTracess