İstanbul in Boring Stereo without Clarinet (2012)

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Low quality:

Middle East Technical University, the University where I took my bachelor degree, is called “liberated area” in my country. It has an enormous forest, even a lake inside the campus, with a population more than some of the European cities. After spending six years in a peaceful campus with a preserved nature, moving to İstanbul was a forceful experience to me. The city is always full of constructions and traffic noise; however, it is known as a romantic city. This delusion is always emphasized with visuals of cats in Kadıköy and Galata streets, sometimes with ferry and Bosporus videos. Most of the Turkish Pop music pieces that include “İstanbul” in their names or their lyrics, contain a viscous clarinet solo. My reaction to that delusion was a composition including field recordings of the places that I visited mostly during the daytime, which are well-known squares or public places in İstanbul.

I composed this piece within a course at MIAM, ITU. The only condition for this composition was the sound material. The sound material must have been recorded, not synthesized. This one was for fixed media, for stereo.
MIAM electroacoustic collective