Huzur (2011)

An installation at Library Exhibition Hall, METU, stereo recording (does not work on Firefox):


This sound installation was initiated with my desire to create “the place” I wanted to spend time alone. My aspiration to share “the place” that I wanted to be in and my curiosity to others experiences had given in to this installation.

This installation is for only The Library Exhibition Hall and it is created by taking into consideration the fact that this Exhibition Hall is in a library and visited by a mass of people, working on any subject, during their coffee break.

I hope you can find a five minute peace.


Work only consists of sound material, which is a 30 minutes loop with random devices running in some of the fixed parts of the composition. All sound material is computer generated. No spatilization technique except simple panning is used. The space is only filled with a couple of chairs along the walls, with low illumination in the room; thereby, creating a meditative environment. The room is in the shape of a hexagon. It is also with higher reverberation time with reflective walls. 4.1 setup is set in the middle of the room, facing towards these walls. The exhibition hall has been kept open for a week.